Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Abbi Glines - The Vincent Brothers

I gave this book 3.5 stars.
It was pretty good, a bit short, but still good.  It kind of annoyed me because some things were just skimmed over.  For instance, Sawyer and Lana would be talking about going somewhere (like it was important), and then it would completely skip over where they were going.  Then a new chapter would start.  Why mention something and make it sound important when you're just going to skip right over it? 

We never really got to see Sawyer and Lana as a couple.  They ended up fighting before we got to see them together.  It would have helped a little with character building too.  Lana seemed like a weak girl who ran away when things get difficult.  Sawyer was the typical male who said or did stuff without thinking, i.e.the whole "distraction" comment and also Ash's barfing debacle.

Lana spent 3 weeks thinking Sawyer was with Ash without even asking either of them.  Seriously?!  I mean, who goes that long (especially when everyone is trying to explain themselves) without checking voicemails/text messages?  COMMUNICATION PEOPLE!! If I saw a bunch of messages on my phone, I'd have to check it out just to get rid of the notification!

God, sound like a Debbie Downer don't I? I really did enjoy this book though.  So if you're a person who likes baby alpha males (I say 'baby' because he's a young'un) who love their women fiercely, then this book would be good for you.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

First Post!

I'm Nikki, and I like to read.
So this is the first time I've done a blog.
Basically since I'm horrible at writing reviews,  I'm going to try to put my thoughts on here.